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Today is Friday!! Our favourite day. We are usually happy because we leave school until Monday but on this occasion we aren't. Why? Because, we say bye to our emblematic English Week where we learn and enjoy at the same time. Yes! It's possible, trust in me!!!
We, teachers and students have had a great time expanding our knowledge not only the academic but also the cultural one what enriches us even much more.
Well, we 'll wait for the next one.
We would like to remind you that you are invited to our charity market where you 'll have the chance of trying our delightful as Australian as American recipes which are absolutely delicious. I'm sure you'll love them. Besides you'll enjoy a great deal of different activities for all ages.
Our charity market will be celebrated on Wed,May 31st from 5pm.
You can't miss it!!!
You'll have a ball and help for families in need through a new foundation of our Congregation.
We're waiting for you!!!
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